"I consider Myles' work excellent to say the least..."     David L Hoyt
"These puzzles are great."     S.K., Deloitte
"The puzzles seemed to be a big hit and I am just thrilled"     Marta Bright, Oracle Convention Dailies Editor
"I'm happy to have gotten the Sunday puzzle! It's all done! Good one!"     C.C.
"Great job on the January crossword!"     Stephen Hanks, Energy Times
"The crossword has been a fun feature for the readership and has contributed well to the magazine."     Greg Enright Editor IT World Canada
"Just wanted to update you on how the MasterCard website did when the crossword puzzle was introduced. Traffic, visitors and hits from the week before the crossword was posted to the week following all approximately tripled. Great news! We are very happy with the results!"     Justine Anbeek, MacLaren McCann Advertising Agency
"The key for us was having crosswords that were customized for our readers. Mr. Mellor did research to incorporate clues that were specific to our community. The response has been fantastic."     Peter Weinberger Claremont Courier
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