Solver Resources
These are some excellent resources for crossword puzzle solvers. Buy them now through and the links below:
Franklin CWP 206 - Puzzle solver
Fabulous tool. You can enter a word with missing letters and check every possible alternative to making a complete word with the letters you have.
Websters New World Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
One of the most complete of its kind
Random House Webster's Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Another good reference
The Offical Scrabble Players dictionary Third Edition
Book which has a huge list of around 100,000 words in alphabetical order giving you all possibilities when you have the first letters of the word. A must for scrabble players who want to go professional. Useful for crossword solvers.
The Crossword Obsession by Coral Amende
Fascinating inside look at the world of puzzle makers, how they make no money but engage in incredible feats of mental skill! Lots of fascinating phrases and clues.
A crossworder's gift by Nero Blanc
Fiction novel revolving around a crossword puzzle write