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Crossword Puzzle Passions
The crossword puzzle is a mind teaser that has stood the test of time.
When crossword puzzles first became a craze in the early 20th century, many critics thought it would fade away. It didn’t.
Today crossword puzzles are solved by millions daily. The number of solvers keeps increasing and interest in this pastime has not faded. On the contrary, there are more different types of crossword puzzle today than ever before.
This crossword puzzle site has been created and will be maintained and expanded to give you the widest possible selection of crossword puzzles for you and the whole family.
Trying to solve crossword puzzles that are too complex for you can be very frustrating. Similarly, when they are too easy, there is "no fun". So we are giving you a wide selection where you can choose which types of crossword puzzle you want to try.
We have also included a whole new and exciting form of crossword puzzle. These are concentrated on themes. Not just a few phrases! A large percentage of the words are concentrated on a particular theme. If you are a horse lover, for example, you will find crossword puzzles here devoted to horses and horse riding. Theme crossword puzzles are becoming more and more popular and an increasing number of these will be appearing on this site.
Crossword puzzles are also a great educational tool. It is somehow more exciting to solve a geographical crossword puzzle than try to remember a list of lakes or mountains! This site contains educational puzzles that will help kids of all ages learn and expand their horizons. One subscription to this site can be used by the whole family! Click here to subscribe
Another feature of this site is that you can request a crossword puzzle be constructed for you, using your own words and clues. These can be personalized for your family and friends. A crossword puzzle can contain places you enjoyed with a loved one, friends’ names and sports or events you enjoyed with your family. Actually anything you want it to! If you are interested in personalized crossword puzzles for yourself or your family, click here…
As this crossword puzzle site is for you, the solver, we want to hear from you. If you have any comments or feedback, you can always contact me, the editor of the site, at
Happy solving!
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