Ilovecrosswords.com has been created to provide a comprehensive collection of the crossword puzzles and other puzzles of Myles Mellor.
Myles is a full time professional crossword puzzle writer who is internationally published and one of the most successful puzzle writers in the world.
His puzzles include traditional newspaper crosswords, both easy and difficult crosswords as well as the larger Sunday crosswords.
Also on the site are a wide selection of Myles' theme crosswords on subjects such as celebrities, health, entertainment, home, finance, cars, holidays, seasons, and many, many more.
There is a section of the site for kids as well with crosswords on popular subjects and themes for 8-13 year olds.
Another intriguing feature are Myles' Diamond Crosswords tm, created in collaboration with David Hoyt and Bob Williams. This is the well-known "Crossword with a twist" where the crossword is turned on its side and all the squares are diamond shaped.
Whatever your level of crossword solving skill, this site will provide hundreds of hours of enjoyment. In addition to crossword puzzle you can also solve anagrams, word searches, and sudokus.
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