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Myles Mellor is one of the most published crossword writers of all time with now over 9000 crosswords and puzzles published. He has been published in major newspapers and syndicates in the US and abroad, including Tribune Media Services, the Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and the Guardian in England. He has written for MasterCard, IBM, Discovery, Turner TV, Planet Green, American Airlines, NASDAQ, the Council on Foreign Relations, AARP, Entrepreneur, NASA, History Channel, Dwell, America's Community Bankers, and hundreds more. He has published 11 crossword and puzzle books through Barnes and Noble, Simon and Schuster, Books-a-Million and Costco. His work has delighted and intrigued readers of over 1000 different newspapers and magazines. This site is a wide-ranging collection of over 1000 of his crosswords and puzzles, available to subscribers.

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